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Working to Save the Bay

Working to Save the Bay

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Moriches Bay Project oyster gardening July 27th
Dobler Event at Lashley Beach 2023

We love our Bay and work hard to protect and care for it.

The Moriches Bay Project is a small grassroots not-for-profit 501c3 project with a big heart and a lot of determination. Our mission is to improve the quality of the water in Moriches Bay and turn it back to its natural state of health. We do this through oyster gardening. We are dedicated to bringing awareness to the local community and educating our children. We all live, work, or play on the Bay we all have a responsibility to care for it.

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We love caring for the bay

Saving the Bay One Oyster at a Time

In nine short years, we have raised and seeded over 2.5 million oysters into Moriches Bay. These oysters serve as the keystone species, forming new habitats and actively filtering the bay. Each oyster filters 50 gallons of water per day and is filtering billions of gallons of water each day. Learn about the various oyster programs and methods we use to help save our Bay.

Accomplishments as of 2021

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Oyster Beds

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FLUPSY (upwellers)

Oyster Reef (Bar)

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