2017 Annual Report

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Your oyster investment continues to pay the dividend of cleaner water and healthier bays. The Moriches Bay Project is poised for our best year yet, with your continued support.

Please read our 2017 Annual Report and consider donating today for a healthier Moriches Bay in 2018.

One of our key new initiatives will be to install a FLUPSY in Moniebougue Bay along with a water quality station that will measure Nitrogen 24/7, 365 days a year.

This will require an investment of $45,000 and if approved will begin the restoration of one of the most impaired water bodies in Southampton. This FLUPSY will also be the first aluminum FLUPSY in Moriches Bay.

Please consider supporting all or some this critical initiative.

We are humbled by the tremendous outpouring of passion of all our partners, including local businesses, volunteers, students and generous donors.

Our Moriches Bay will continue to rebound because of you.

Thank you from the bottom of each oyster’s little heart!

Laura J. Fabrizio
Aram V. Terchunian
James N. Hulme
Dwight M. Surgan