Million Mollusk March Campaign

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The Moriches Bay Project is excited to announce the launch of our second online fundraiser:

“Continue the March to putting one MILLION oysters in the bay to help SAVE the Bay”

Thanks to all of our partners who helped us, last year together we exceed all our goals on our “First Million Mollusk March” when we raised over $22,000.00!

To start us off with a bang, First Coastal will match dollar for dollar up to the first $1,000. So your donation will have double the benefits. 

All you need to do is click the following to make a donation:
 The Million Mollusk March to Save the Bay

A very special thank you to Jake Miller from the Boy Scouts Troop 29 for his creative efforts putting together our new video. Please watch and we hope you like it!

Thank you and together lets spread the word to reach our goal of putting one million mollusks in the Bay.

A community working together can reach all expectations and more.