New 10 Barrel Floating Upweller System (FLUPSY)

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What a community can do when they work together! We put 500,000 clams in the Bay!!

The Moriches Bay Project is proud to announce that Kim Tetraultfrom the Cornell SPAT program has constructed a 10 barrel floating upweller system (FLUPSY). The goal will be for this FLUPSY to act as a nursery and culture 1/2 million hard clams this year. This will be an educational FLUPSY. This is a big step for the MBP and hopefully the first of many more upwelling systems to come.

There are so many people we need to thank. First, Kim Tetrault and Greg Rivara from CCE, who believed in us and said we could make this happen and did just that, made it happen!

Secondly, Mayor Peter Sartorius and his Village of Quoque Board supported this project from the start. They welcomed us into their village with open arms.

Next, the Quoque Library who helped to promote and headed getting our volunteer program up and running.
A special thank you to Kathleen Johnson from the New York Sea Grant for believing in our project and for funding this project.

Last but not least, we thank Southampton Town Trustee President Ed Warner and his board for granting us permission to launch this FLUPSY in the Bay.

We look forward to putting 500,000 clams on the Bay bottom this fall.

The Moriches Bay Project will follow up this fall by doing a series of lecture at the library. We hope to go to the elementary and middle school to teach the students about improving water quality in our Bay, doing a hands-on demonstration and hopefully we can do on-site demonstrations about what a FLUPSY does and the benefits. Take a look at some pictures.