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January 2015

January 14th: The MBP is proud to announce that WE REACHED OUR GOAL! It warms our hearts that after two months of campaining our dedicated community and friends have helped raise close to $23,000! $3000 more than our intended goal!! Whether you donated or spread...

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December 2014

December 4th: Tonight, the HBO screening of "Saving Our Tomorrow" was held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The show is a documentary that portrays youth who are heavily involved spreading environmental awareness in their communities....

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November 2014

November 15th: We launched the Million Mollusk March! Our first crowd funding campaign. Tell friends, tell family, and contribute to get rewards. November 13th: As the winter months draw near it was time to send the MBP caged oysters to their usual vacation...

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October 2014

October 17th: An additional 5000 oysters were added to the Moriches Bay Project Oyster Bed to help strengthen previous populations that were set back in July. The oysters came from a combination of two year old oysters that were grown in cages bay the MBP and...

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July 2014

July 11th: Today, the first oyster beds were layed down in Moriches Bay; an achievment that has not been seen for more than a couple decades and was orchestrated by the Moriches Bay Project in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension. A special thanks to West...

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June 2014

June 28th: After months of planning, the Lashley Beach Oyster Farm was finally installed and is currently growing another 5,000 oysters! They are the future generation of what will hopefully be a self sustaining population. Thank you to all who attended including...

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May 2014

May 27th: Sustainable Sites and Raising Oysters... What do these have in common? May 24th: The Moriches Bay Project hosted an Oyster cage building workshop at the Ray Dowd residence in Westhampton Beach. Dwight, the project director, did an excellent job...

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April 2014

April 19th: The Moriches Bay Project was prominently displayed at the "Bring Earth Day to the Beach", which was hosted by the Barrier Beach Preservation and the Westhampton Beach Library at 906 Dune road in Westhampton Dunes. April 12th: Project Director...

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