November 2014

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November 15th: We launched the Million Mollusk March! Our first crowd funding campaign. Tell friends, tell family, and contribute to get rewards.

November 13th: As the winter months draw near it was time to send the MBP caged oysters to their usual vacation spot. Close to 10,000 oysters from the Lashley Beach Oyster Farm were taken to the Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Learning Center in Southold where they were sorted into new cages that would protect them from the ice. Most oysters were 1-1.5 inches in shell height which is adequate growth for their age. Pics are in the gallery.

November 7th: Project Director Laura Fabirizio met with the WHBHS Business class to discuss and share new ideas as to how they can work together. Student volunteers Connor Glynn, Alex Kravitz, and Justin Smith are helping to create a two year business strategy for the project to aid with sponsorship, promotion, and outreach. We look forward to working with these gentlemen.

November 4th: A meeting was held with the Southampton Town Trustees today so that the MBP could provide a short summary of the progress made this past summer. The meeting was highly productive and the Trustees were very supportive. We look forward to working with them on future endeavors.

VISIT BOUY ONE in Westhampton and help support their initiative to raise funds for the Moriches Bay Project. Have a delicious lunch or dinner, then ask their friendly staff how to donate afterwards!

November 3rd: The Moriches Bay Project represents at the Midterm Election polls in Remsenburg Elementary.