September 28th: Our screening of SHELLSHOCKED! at the Westhampton Performing Arts Center this Sunday was fun and informative. Many great questions came up during the Q&A that the producer Emily Driscoll, our founder Aram Terchunian, and Cornell Cooperative’s Gregg Rivara shed important light on. Thank you to all who attended. In case you missed it, there is another screening in NYC. If you are interested, please click here.

September 27th: It was a beautiful day at our Marine Meadows eelgrass event and there was a good showing of volunteers. At the end of the workshop we successfully made 250 eelgrass tortillas containing 2500 plants! These will be planted by the Cornell Cooperative Extention Dive Team near our already existant eelgrass bed that was planted last year.

September 26th: Look! We’ve been featured in The Tide of Moriches newspaper. Read the article in our Photo Gallery.

September 25th: Oysters at the Lashley Beach Oyster farm have gotten BIG! Starting off at just a quater of an inch, some have grown to almost 4 times their previous size. As a result, the oysters in each cage were divided up into new cages to prevent overcrowding. We can almost hear the oyster’s sighs of relief!

September 14th: Macroalgae Blanketing Fire Island Beaches Endangers Horseshoe Crabs