Third M.B.O.S. Installed at the Quogue Dock

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Victoria Dambrosia, Moriches Bay Project Director of our M.B.O.S. along with Chole Rouhandeh and Elizabeth Scianno have just installed our third M.B.O.S at the Quogue Dock.

Establishing a water monitoring network in Moriches Bay is critical to understanding the issues in our Bay. Each of the observation sites has a real-time data uplink for a wide variety of important water chemistry factors, including water level, salinity temperature, and dissolved oxygen.

These sensors will attain a baseline of existing water quality conditions throughout the Moriches Bay system and provide a method of tracking water quality improvements throughout the bay, on a continuous and real time basis.

Want to see real-time data? Go to and type in the following:
Password: kata261dora

Stay tuned for our index newsletter giving detailed information on these sites. Take a look at some pictures.