This Holiday Season Give the Gift that Helps to “Save the Bay”

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  • A unique gift certificate that will appeal to the environmentalist young and old.
  • They make great stocking stuffer, gifts for teachers or businesses.
  • The recipient of this gift will have the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to improve the water quality in our bay. ONE adult oyster can filter 50 gallons of water EACH day.
  • You and the bearer of the card are invited to join our MBP scientists build an oyster farm and learn the importance of oyster farming to our bay. It is a fun and educational experience.
  • 10% of all proceeds go to Southampton town water quality protection fund.

Gift cards can come in any dollar amount:

  • $10.00 = 100 oysters
  • $25.00 = 250 oysters
  • $50.00 = 500 oysters
  • $100.00 = 1000 oysters
  • $500.00 = 5000 oysters

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